African Cannabis Seeds Gaining World Recognition

Welcome to African Seeds. We have an amazing selection of killer marijuana strains from Africa. Many Western countries are seeking out hearty African landraces for cannabis breeding programs. You can buy your seeds direct from us and save your money!

African Cannabis Seeds Gaining World Recognition

African Cannabis Seeds Gaining World Recognition. Due to the lock downs globally, many strains have been selling out because of people are now growing their own as a hobby. And when people that are new to growing out source their seeds from us, they’re finding out there easier to grow. African marijuana strain go through harsh weather, so they are more forgiving for begginer growers.

Killer Duban Poision

Durban Poison is so wild to smoke and energetic. And best yet, it grows in the worst conditions. Just throw your seeds and come back for harvest, you can’t find a heartier strain.

African Cannabis Seeds Are Gaining World Recognition

African Seeds are gaining world recognition for genetic superiority. It is important to have seeds stored safely for future generations, and because of war and hot climate, Africa is not always the best place to store cannabis genetics for the future generations.

African Seed Vault in Norway

Norwegian Seeds is the new home for safely and properly stored African Seed Genetics for future generations to come. It’s permafrost seed vault ensures germination even 1000 years from now, maybe upto 10,000 years and beyond.

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